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From the players, to our staff, you’ll feel welcome and at home on our server! Your happiness, is our priority!

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The Official Wolfycraft Survival Guide

The Official Wolfycraft Survival Guide

Welcome to Wolfycraft

Joining a new server is can be pretty intimidating. There are so many new things you’re being introduced to that sometimes it can all go over your head. That’s why this guide is here. This will be your official step-by-step guide to surviving wolfycraft! Here you’re going to find hints, tips, tricks, and commands to help you ease right on into the server. Things like learning how to tp, creating a town, and mcmmo will be easy for you now that you’re here. If none of your questions are answered here feel free to ask any of us for help. Good luck and keep adventuring!

Getting Started With Basic Commands

Spawn and Rules

When you first log into the server, start by checking out your inventory. You’ll receive a few starter items which will help get you along until you can make better stuff. Before you head out of the spawn, I recommend checking out the rule board and the shop both located within the walls. If you’re unfamiliar with the rules of the server, then you won’t be able to have the best possible experience while you’re online. If you’re already away from spawn you can use /rules to give yourself a quick refresher or read the introduction book you spawn with.

Basic Commands:

  • /spawn     use to return to spawn
  • /rules     use to read the rules
  • /help     use to see all the commands you have access to
  • /tpa {name of user here}     use to request to teleport to a specific player
  • /tpahere {name of user here}     use to request that a player teleports to you
  • /tpaccept     use to accept a teleport request
  • /warp     use to see list of all warp locations
  • /time set day     use to make it day
  • /time set night     use to make it night
  • /sethome {name of what your want this home set to be}     use to set a home
  • /delhome {name of specific home you want to delete}     use to delete a home
  • /msg {to specific username}     use to send a message to an online player
  • /r     use to respond to a message sent to you
  • /mail send {to specific username}     use to send mail to any player on or offline

Towny Help & Commands

Wolfycraft is a towny server which is a plugin that allows users to create your own town within the server. It’s available for everyone and it’s an easy way to prevent griefing, make friends, and eventually grow a community. These are some of the simple steps you need to use to create a town on the server.

Creating a New Town:

  1. You’ll need $250 to create a town. Now don’t fret, it’s not as difficult to get as it may seem. All you need to do is /vote and vote for the server in any of the links. You will earn $250 per vote.
  2. Find an area to claim as your town. It is important to do this before creating a town (although if done afterward can be fixed easily) because the spot you are standing in will become your town’s homeblock. (See Advanced Towny Settings below to
  3. Once you have $250, you can make a new town! Use /t new {insert name of town here}.
  4.   For more plot help use /plot ?
  5. For more simple towny help use /t ? and it will bring up a guide of simple commands that may help you.

That’s the basics of creating a town. If you’re interested in more advanced towny settings continue reading.

Advanced Towny Settings:

  • /t     use it to see information about the town and residents
  • /t leave     use to leave a town
  • /t spawn     use this to teleport to your towns spawn
  • /t spawn {name of a town here}     use this to teleport to a specific town
  • /t add {insert name of friend here}     use to add friends to town
  • /t claim     use to claim land
  • /t unclaim     use to unclaim land
  • /t claim auto     use to claim as many plots as possible determined by the amount of money in the towns bank and number of town blocks available
  • /plot ?     use for plot commands and help
  • /t delete     use to delete a town
  • /t toggle public     use to turn public teleporting on and off in a town
  • /t toggle pvp     use to toggle pvp in town
  • /t toggle mob     use to toggle hostile mob spawning in town
  • /t deposit {insert amount of money here}     use to deposit money into a town
  • /t withdraw {insert amount of money to withdraw}     use to withdraw money from a town
  • /t set outpost {#}     use to claim an outpost for the town (note: it cost $500 to purchase an outpost)
  • /t outpost {#}     use to teleport to specific outpost
  • /n ?     use to show nation commands and help
  • /n new {nation name here}     use to create nation
  • /n add {nation name here}     use to add towns to the nation
  • /n leave {nation name here}     use to leave a town from a nation
  • /n delete {nation name here}     use to delete a nation

These are just some of the most asked about towny questions, but Towny isn’t limited to just these commands. There are tons more commands available to use. Setting up plots, shops, embassy’s, and hierarchies, and that’s just a few. To read a full list of Towny commands available visit the official Towny website here.

MCMMO Help & Commands

Another plugin that makes WolfyCraft semi-vanilla is the use of mcMMO. Most people are familiar with this plugin, but if you’re not don’t fret. MCMMO is an RPG like plugin, meaning that the more you use a certain skill, the more experience you will gain, and the more you will gain out of it. In simpler terms, as you continue to play the game, you mcMMO skill levels will increase, and ultimately make you better at the game. Skills mcMMO includes are acrobatics, alchemy, archery, axes, excavation, fishing, herbalism, mining, repair, mining, salvage, smelting, swords, taming, unarmed, and woodcutting.

How Can MCMMO Help Me:

Have you ever been mining or cutting wood when fireworks came out of nowhere and hit you? That means you might have reached a new level in mcMMO level or you have activated one of the special abilities mcMMO, whether on accident or on purpose. For example, let’s talk about the mining skill. As you continue to mine in the game, the higher your mcMMO skill level will increase. As this specific skill increases, you can earn up to double the number of drops from stones and ores. Another unique extra that mcMMO gives you special abilities. One ability available at any mining level is Super Breaker. The Super Breaker will add Efficiency V for a short period of time. This ability and any other mcMMO ability can be activated by right-clicking with a tool in your hand. There are abilities for almost every skill so I definitely recommend going to test them all out.

MCMMO Commands:

  • /mcmmo help     use to bring up in game command help
  • /mcstats     use to view what level your mcmmo ability is at
  • /mcability     use to toggle abilities on and off
  • /{skill}     use to view your details*
  • /mctop {skill}     use to see mcmmo leaderboards*

* enter one of the following skills where it says {skill}: acrobatics, alchemy, archery, axes, excavation, fishing, herbalism, mining, repair, mining, salvage, smelting, swords, taming, unarmed, and woodcutting.

How To Make A Party:

If your considerably lazy, like myself, but want to have your mcMMO level increase without going through all the work your solution is here. Why go at it alone when you can have a group of friends to do it for you? When you join a mcMMO party you to team up and work together on mcMMO skills. Below are some of the basic commands you’ll need when making a group.

MCMMO Party Commands:

  • /party     use to view your party information
  • /party create {party name here}     use to create party
  • /party join {player name}     use to add friends to your party
  • /party leave     use to leave a party
  • /party disband     use to delete the party
  • /pc     use to send private messages within a private party chat
  • /party xpshare equal     use to share xp between party members who are near each other

MCMMO is easily one of the most important plugins available to you on the server. It may seem like an inconvenience, but it will ultimately help you in the long run.


It won’t let me repeat commands, what do I do?

It’s a super easy fix. All you have to do is type / wait one second then retype the command you previously were trying to enter.

Is there a for me to rank up from Junior Wolfy?

As a basic member, there is one way to rank up and that’s Senior Wolfy. Senior Wolfy’s are members who are dedicated to the server and have a total of over 10 hours on the server. It’s something you have to work for, but is something that can be accomplished. There is another rank you can get called Noble Wolfy which can be purchased here of the wolfycraft website.

What does voting do for me?

Voting not only is important for you as a player but also benefits the server. For each vote you make you earn $250, which you can spend in the shop or for your town. The more money you have deposited in your town the more land you can claim.