Bestgiirl's Staff Application

Name: Aliza
Age: 14 :') I hate saying it but oh well :D
Location: Northern USA
Previous Experience: I have been a helper in a few servers, but this was a few years ago and I'm not sure I remember the server names. I had been a head admin on one server. It was small, though. I had also been a builder on another small server, but it was a little bigger than the other one.
Why do you want to be staff?: I'd like to be staff because I haven't had much experience with it, and I would really like to. I also enjoy building. In all honesty, I'm not the best when it comes to building huge structures, but I really like to build smaller ones, like houses or something of the sort.
What can you bring to the server as a staff member?: I can tell people I know to join, and maybe even advertise it on a website or another server. I can also build a little if that helps!!
Scenario Question 1: I would let each player talk from their perspectives. If one says that the quiet player did destroy his/her stuff, then I would give him/her a small amount of supplies that would do the job. The other player would temporarily be banned for a few hour or so. I'd keep an eye on that player.
If both of the players had his/her stuff destroyed, I would do the same and give a small amount of supplies to the players. I would report it to the owner ASAP.
Scenario Question 2: Until I really knew what was going on, I'd like to hear what both of them had to say. Like the previous question, I would give them a bit of supplies so they wouldn't quit the server. I would also show them how to keep chests private. I'd do as much as I could to help, and again, notify the owner ASAP
Scenario Question 3: I would tell the owner ASAP of course, because I HATE when staff do that to one person. It really isn't fair. If anything, I would ask them to stop. If they didn't stop, I'd say that I would be telling Sanjar and Leire.
Scenario Question 4: I don't think that the player's friendliness means anything to me. If I see that they are hacking or doing something wrong, I'll ban them either temporarily or permanently depending on the player's damage they're caused.

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