xRainbowHDx's Staff Application

Name:Nino Lisjak
Location:Slovenia, Ptuj
Previous Experience?: Had a server on my own(Bukkit and Vannila), Was a head admin on a semi-large server(80-100 people)
Why do you want to be staff?:I like to help people with their problems on server and i want to help the wolfy community as a great staff member
What can you bring to the server as a staff member?:I think i could bring more popularity, positive energy and stuff :D

Scenario 1:
I would keep an eye on that 'quiet player but still try to solve it to see if anyone tp's to grief or steal.

Scenario 2:
First i'd try to calm them down and msg an OP via instagram or smthing to come chekc the logs and solve the problem.

Scenario 3: I'm really not a snitch by nature, but that doesnt seem fair to me so i'd definetly report them both..ž

Scenario 4: If i somehow get a /vanish cmd i'd spy on him to see how he's mining and stuff, even if its other hacks.. i'd keep an eye on him (o) (o)


  • forgot to type the questions but i guess you know them right? .p
  • oh ye i' wanna help with the server projects cuz i really got nothing to do left on the server since i got everything i need
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