Shadow_Cullen's Application

Name: Shadow_Cullen
Location: Greece
Previous Experience?:Yes
Why do you want to be staff?: I want to help the server and i like the Towny idea of the server.
What can you bring to the server as a staff member?: I can advertise,help,build and catch hackers,spammers , rulebreakers

Scenario Questions

A player comes on, the player is pretty quiet and keeps to himself. A few hours later, you notice they have not said anything but another regular player comes and complains that their items have been stolen, their house has been destroyed. Neither Sanjar or Leire are online to check who did it.

What do you do?

If i had access to console i would check from there. Other than that i would Invsee the silent player and watch over him with /v for a while.


Two players are having an argument, one is accusing the other of stealing items from a chest. One of them is a regular user, your close friend and a supporter of the server.

There is no evidence that suggests either of them are right/wrong and both are threatening to quit the server unless something happens.

What do you do?

I think that the supporter of the server is more important.All though i would probably judge based on the way they are writing or evidence. You can feel emotions just by looking carefuly the writing.


You see that someone who is staff, helping their friend by using their power and commands to their advantage. They only seem to do it when neither Sanjar or Leire are online, but when they are online. They are back to being helpful and friendly, what do you do?

I warn him. Then report it to Sanjar or Leire or someone with a higher rank than me to judge.


A player comes on the server, and you think that they are hacking. Either through x-ray or through cheats. However, you aren't sure and the player is friendly to you, and to others in the chat.

What do you do?

I spy him with /v , question him a bit, ask the oppinion of other Staff members and report my theory to an Admin.

That's the end of the application!

Thank you for applying, and just a note about it, the more you ask about your application, the less chance it has of being accepted.
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