Sh*tty staff/Server

Alright then. So after being Force tp'd to (in front of an admin) nothing was done. Hmm...
Then i had a fake user log into our town and start breaking shit, again, nothing was done. Hmm
And now not only did someone else somehow manage to log into my own account, grief and steal from the town, bu also 'register' my account on some shitty server plug-in.
Seriously dude, Half this server is full of hackers who arent even afraid of admins or mods at this point, knowing they dont do shit. Expecting players to just 'record' 24/7.
So who was is? HMMMM.... Maybe the same people force-tping to everyone on the server, but hey thats okay, hacking doesn't go punished on this server after all. (killerking and his group of low-lives)

Dont bother restoring any items or buildings, me and town wont bother coming back to a toxic, staff-less community.
Registering on this forum alone was some of the most ironic shit i've ever read 'Caring staff, friendly community',


  • Cut Lord_Bellamore! You didn't tell us that your town was griefed! In fact, when I was on, you were just complaining about things like that.

    So tell me: What kind of respond would you like? How would you like staff to act?

    You know, moderators don't have all the abilities as an admin/owner!
  • *Chill out Lord_Bellamore!
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