Staff Application

Name: Elvir
Age: 14
Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina, EUROPE
Previous Experience: Admin on 3 other servers mod and a builder. But that was in 1.8 so i forgot the server names because it was a long time ago.
Why do you want to be staff?: So i can help the community, because that is what i do anyways.
What can you bring to the server as a staff member?: A better experience for the players by helping them.
Scenario 1: I will want proof from the person that had his items stolen and wait for a person with access to logblock.
Scenario 2: Hear out both sides check if they had lockette on their chests and try to figure it out what happened i'm not the one to take my friends side so i would treat them equally, if i don't get a clue i will wait for someone with logblock to come on and clear it up.
Scenario 3: I'll try to take a picture of him doing it or get any evidence by screenshotting it and sending it to san. I'll report it to san and help him solve the problem.
Scenario 4: I would look at how fast he gets diamonds and other ores and try to screenshot it by taking a picture in what way he was mining. If i don't find any clues i will ask him if he can show me his minecraft through share screen on skype. Or give me his TeamViewer as a better option.
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