My helper rank PLZ ACCEPT!

Name: Marcin Bug
Location: Poland, Poznan
Previous Experience?: I was Builder HeadBuilder Mod Helper Admin ranks on other servers!
Why do you want to be staff?:I love helping others. Im great builder helper and commander i know about commands!
What can you bring to the server as a staff member?: I can build kitPVP and build arena better spawn and more!

Scenario 1
I will tell this owner and if the owner will be offline long time i will decide it myself.

Scenario 2
I will give chest owner his items and when my friend will be angry i will mute him. But when my friend will be right i will mute chest owner!

Scenario 3
Im telling owner if he say: NO THIS HELPER IS GOOD i will warn helper who help his friend!

Scenario 4

I will ban every hackers i will see but when someone report Innocent i will mute him or ban him! When hacker is good for me i will warn him but if i will see hes hacking i will ban him.

Its all :blush: but plz accept im from poland and its so hard to write!
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