My helper rank!

Name: Marcin Bug
Location: Poland, Poznan
Previous Experience?: I was Builder Head-Builder MOD helper and Admin on 1 server!
Why do you want to be staff?:I love helping others when they have something to me i will help them! And im very good builder!
What can you bring to the server as a staff member?: I can build better spawn for u. I know about special commands.

Scenario Question 1
I will tell the owner or myself to decide.

Scenario Question 2
When my friend will tell me: Im your friend im always right. I will warn him and i will give chest owner his items!

Scenario Question 3

First i will warn him when it dosnt works I will tell owner somebody abusing.

Scenario Question 4

I will check him when hes hacking i will ban him :/ but when he will good for Staff and i will see his not hacking i will leave him alone. Thanks for reading i wish u good day :wink: :smiley:
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