Staff Application

Name: Addison Hamilton (HealingBot)
Age: 16
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Previous Experience?: Past Administrative Duties on three (3) previous servers including ownership. Quite experienced in the field of administration.
Why do you want to be staff?: I wish to become a member of staff due to the fact that I believe I can improve conditions on WolfyCraft, and primarily because I love helping others.
What can you bring to the server as a staff member?: I believe I can bring several things to this server such as moderation, order, as well as helping out with anything that’s needed with server upkeep or helping out players.

Scenario Questions

Please answer with honesty, you may, or may not have a hidden test/scenario during your time as staff member. So it's helpful to be honest, and it gives us a good idea of how well you grasp the server rules and being staff in general

These questions are based on my own personal experience as a Moderator on a popular server (1 year) and being a server owner of previous servers.

A player comes on, the player is pretty quiet and keeps to himself. A few hours later, you notice they have not said anything but another regular player comes and complains that their items have been stolen, their house has been destroyed. Neither Sanjar or Leire are online to check who did it.

I’d figure out what was stolen, and strike up a friendly conversation with the player and ask if he would be okay if I looked around his house for said items (without revealing my intentions) and determine through conversation and evidence provided if he could have done it and determine my response thereafter.


Two players are having an argument, one is accusing the other of stealing items from a chest. One of them is a regular user, your close friend and a supporter of the server.

There is no evidence that suggests either of them are right/wrong and both are threatening to quit the server unless something happens.

I’d attempt to calm the situation and address the problem directly and have them both state their sides of the story. After determining there is no evidence supporting either party I’d then try to keep the players on good terms with each other afterwards.


You see that someone who is staff, helping their friend by using their power and commands to their advantage. They only seem to do it when neither Sanjar or Leire are online, but when they are online. They are back to being helpful and friendly, what do you do?

In the event that something like this happens (hopefully never) I would make myself invisible and take screenshots as evidence against the staff member, and send the information directly to Sanjar or Leire.

A player comes on the server, and you think that they are hacking. Either through x-ray or through cheats. However, you aren't sure and the player is friendly to you, and to others in the chat.

What do you do?

I would follow the player around and watch him closely. When he is mining I’d be able to see him mining directly to diamonds, emeralds, etc which would be sufficient evidence against him regardless of his friendliness in chat.


Thank you for your time!


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