Ani's Staff Application

Name: Anirudh
Age: 15
Location: India
I have been a Mod on a previous server which unfortunately went down because of inactiveness

There are many things I want to do in wolfycraft but alas being a junior wolfy does not help in achieving them, so, therefore, I want to be a staff so, I can propagate my ideas in the community and help the server

I can bring wolfycraft to a spot where it would be better, more fun an easy to play server.

Scenario 1
First of all, I would here to them both, if the outcome is neutral I would help the person rebuild and return his stuff personally if the damage is small if it's not I would promise justice so they don't leave the server then I would report it to Sanjar or leire as soon as possible

Scenario 2
Again like in the first scenario I would hear them out and if it comes to the loss of server i would give the stuff back to the victim for the time being until I would have a solid proof it also depends on how I know my friend if he is an honest player I would bulge towards him a little bit but justice would not be compromised and the convect would be kicked from the server for stealing and lying to the staff

Scenario 3
If I ever found out someone was doing such a thing in front of me I would take screenshots as a proof and report it to the admin but I would not tell them since they would then stop doing it before me as well and that would mean a player would get an undue advantage and get away with it

Scenario 4
This time I would personally ask him in a way that he is definitely doing it so that he gets a bit scared so if he does use hacks and think the staff knows this would also send a message to the players online that we can find this sort of stuff, if he does not use cheats he would remain calm which would mean the server would be a win-win situation and may prevent someone to do something like this in the future then I would also tell to the staff so they can keep an eye on him just in case
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