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Name:Amritansh Rawat
Previous expierence?:
Why do you want to be staff?:
I am playing on this server for a long time and i am having a great time playing.But i thought of making the server better than it is now.I decided to be a staff member because of one guy only sanjar12345.I see how he helps people and give them hope and i wish i could become a leader like him and he is my idol for joining this job.Making this server better in community, freindship and brotherhood
What can you bring to the server as a staff member?:
I can become a good leader as i am great in interacting with people and solving problems.I can also express my thoughts that what the server requires so that it can become more fun and more people could join.

Scenario 1

I would not suspect the guy who is just quiet and playing because some people are not fond of chatting rather than that i would go to the person who's stuff got stolen and destroyed and ask him a few questions of weither someone knew where he lived or someone who is a part of his town or nation,and keep check on those guys and also report the scene to sanjar12345 or liere.

Scenario 2

If i see two people arguing and one of them is my close freind and the other is unknown supporter of the server.Firstly i would treat them at an equal level rather than choosing my freinds side weither he is wrong just because he is my freind.NO!! I would go and interrogate on what had happened and if i one of them was found guilty he would be given a warning and this scene will be reported to sanjar12345 to ensure that if the same person is found doing the same thing he shall be banned or given a strict warning from the owner of the server.Return back to the person who was robbed and reset their chests.

Scenario 3

If i saw a staff member abusing his powers with his freinds and getting all the good stuff,which is unfair i will report this to sanjar12345 or liere because that member is not helping the server but he is cheating and making himself better.A server with people like these cannot survive for a long period of time.The taste of the survival gameplay would end and it would just become boring.His job is to help the server not himself by cheats.

Scenario 4

If a player acts cool and i suspect him as hacker i would login with a secondary account and pretend that i am a noob and ask for some stuffs from that guy that arent allowed or tell him to do something that isn't allowed and if he becomes able to do give me the stuffs or do something that is not allowed i will catch that person red handed and ban him or get him banned from doing anything that is nonsense,like destroying nations,towns,etc.

Thank you for taking your precious time to read this

And i hope i can be a help to the server.


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