My application

Age: 12
IRL name: Liam Letcher IGN:Moviemania62

Location: Karratha, Australia
Previous Experience?:
On a small server called SimpleSurvival (it shutdown)
Why do you want to be staff?:
I want to be mod or admin because I feel like I can make a real diffrence on the server.
What can you bring to the server as a staff member?:
I can bring help, and funness.

Scenario 1
I would check watch the one whose been quiet the whole time and ask him questions.

Scenario 2
I would calm down the players and get both sides of what happened and then make a decision based on the story.

Scenario 3
It doesn't matter if he's using them to help a friend whether the owners are online or not. That staff member shouldn't be abusing his powers or commands I would let the owners know and then talk about a punishment or consequence.

Scenario 4
I would monitor that player 24/7 until I found proof of hacking. I would then take a screenshot and show the owners.

That's my application I hope you like it and I hope I make the cut. have a great day buh-bye!!
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