How long have you played MC for?
I have played mc for about 5 years.
Have you ever been staff on a other server before?
Yes i have been staff on a other server before.
I have been staff on it for about 2-3 mouths now.
Do you have any Experience with staff?
Yes on many server i have dealed with a lot of hackers/spammers/trollers/bullyies.
What would you do if a player came on the server and spammed a ip to a other server?
First i would mute this person and check the player for other mutes on other servers.
Next i would get into ts/discord/skype with the person.
If the player keeps spamming after a 1 hour mute i will perm mute the person.
If the player is a bot i will find the sorce of that bot and ip ban the bot.
What is your time zone?
Mine is UTC Pacific Time Us canda
How would you react to a new or old staff member abusing?
I would talk to the staff member why they are abusing and give a punishment if the staff member was abusing because he/she is being arrassed i would try to slove why this is happending and if i cant do anthing I ld call backup.
Have you owned a server before?
Yes i have it was not big tho it was called but its not online anymore.
If you got banned from aother staff member what would you do?
I first would get contact by the owner to find out why.
Then i will take responsible if i did something to get banned for.
What rank are you applying for?
I am applying for eather Dev or Jr.Dev.
Why would you want to apply for the staff team?
I would consider applying because i would like to fix bugs help players and serve Staff.
If a player threaten to ddos someone i would stop this and get backup.
Next i would need to call server admins or server Owners.
If a player came on and asked for a free rank what would you do?
I would say do /buy or vote to get a chance to get a rank if a giveaway is current.
If a player repeatedly cusses at aother player i would mute this player who is cussing for 1 hour if this continues i will try to perm mute the person/player.

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  • Hey, your staff app could use a little more detailed! But otherwise, good job :)
  • edited September 2017

    1.Two players are having an argument, one is accusing the other of stealing items from a chest. One of them is a regular user, your close friend and a supporter of the server.

    There is no evidence that suggests either of them are right/wrong and both are threatening to quit the server unless something happens.

    What do you do?

    First, i would try to slove the problem by asking what item it was.After I do this I would find the item that the players are arguing over. No matter how much you are my friend or a supporter of the server I will always hear both stories.Ill try to make both players happy either way.

    2,You see that someone who is staff, helping their friend by using their power and commands to their advantage. They only seem to do it when neither Sanjar or Leire are online, but when they are online. They are back to being helpful and friendly, what do you do?

    I would moderate the player that is abusing and ill get some help by contacting Leire or Sanjor.And report the player.If the staff member denies this i will rec the staff doing it and show it to the owner or a admin.

    A player comes on the server, and you think that they are hacking. Either through x-ray or through cheats. However, you aren't sure and the player is friendly to you, and to others in the chat.

    3,First, i will make a small base With Chest and i will make it so it looks like a normal players base.Next i would copy and paste the base near the "Hacker'' but under ground.If the hacker goes for it this means that the hackers is using x-ray.If the hacker goes for a chest i will ban the player for 14 days and the reason will be for using chest finder, x-ray.The player will be recorded along the way for evidence.
  • hi please read the scenarios
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