astianakta's staff application

Name: astianakta

Age: 13

Location: Greece

Previous Experience?: I have been administrator in my friend's simple server.
Then I ceated a simple server and I was owner there!

Why do you want to be staff?: I want to be staff, because I like helping out people with their issues and keeping the server clean, out of hackers/cheaters/ bad-quality players ( those who swear all the time and are not behaving well)!

What can you bring to the server as a staff member?: As a staff member, I will bring serenity, piece and quiet and the safety to our community!

*Scenario Questions*

1.A player comes on, the player is pretty quiet and keeps to himself. A few hours later, you notice they have not said anything but another regular player comes and complains that their items have been stolen, their house has been destroyed. Neither Sanjar or Leire are online to check who did it.

What do you do?

Well, I would wait until sanjar or leire will connect! This is up to sanjar's and leire's hand. I wouldn't have anything to say than just tell him/her to wait for sanjar or leire to connect and solve the problem by theirselves or i would tpa to him and read the history of the blocks and see who griefed his/her house! Now with the stolen items...... I would tell him/her to put his/her items in a chest and then make a sign on it typing [private] ( the name below "[private]")!
2.Two players are having an argument, one is accusing the other of stealing items from a chest. One of them is a regular user, your close friend and a supporter of the server.

There is no evidence that suggests either of them are right/wrong and both are threatening to quit the server unless something happens.

What do you do?

I would tell to them: "Don't argue guys. I mean, you should think that another players could steal from that chest, it's not permanent that you or are the stealer! The next time, if you can't trust each other, just have your own chest with the "[private]" sign on it and nothing will happen -_-!
3.You see that someone who is staff, helping their friend by using their power and commands to their advantage. They only seem to do it when neither Sanjar or Leire are online, but when they are online. They are back to being helpful and friendly, what do you do?

With witness: If another administrator/moderator would be online, I would be using him/her as witness! First, I would be sure that my witness is a fair and correct person! Then I would go to sanjar or leire with my witness to tell him what exactly happened!
Without witness: I wouldn't react to anything. A screenshot is enough...
4.A player comes on the server, and you think that they are hacking. Either through x-ray or through cheats. However, you aren't sure and the player is friendly to you, and to others in the chat.

What do you do?
I ought to warn him, BUT if I hadn't any evidence, I should be watching him/her closely to notice if he/she hacks. Then, after a while, I would think what to do: if he/she hacks i would warn him for hacking. If he/she continues, kick or tempban for hacking. Still continues hacking....? No, I wouldn't ban him/her permanently. I would tell sanjar and leire about the situation and let them select by theirselves what will happen with the hacker (if they will ban him/her permanently or not)!
Now, if I would notice that it was just a simple mistake/"optical illusion", I would just let him free to explore our server :smile: !


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