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So sanjar and i talked about this but haven't fully discussed it. So here i will be giving the full details.
PS: im writing this on a bumpy van so expect spelling mistakes.
So first we will have to make an intro for the channel then pick the recorders. How i was thinking of doing this was by sanjar picking members from staff and loyal rule-abiding players to record a video every week. For example, if san chooses 5 people to record each week, then there will be one person recording the first week with the other 4 doing whatever. The second week, the second person will do their recording while the others can do other server duties, and so on. There will also need to be a chosen animator and editor(crucial).
One way of choosing 5 or more people is by dividing them into categories:Details, tutorials, minigames, etc.
If people like my idea and want to apply for editor or animator then send the following assignments to: pokez.azim@gmail.com.
The assignments are; 1.for animator
2.for editor


  • 1.Make an intro for wolfycraft and animate a like and subscribe animation.
    2.Edit a random unedited video from youtube or record your own video and edit it.
    The best editor/animator shall be chosen when i have at least 10 finished videos from each category.
    For edited video title it EDIT and for animation title it ANIMATE.
    Good luck ;)
  • edited September 2017
    @ZevoTheWolf needs to help you out with this :)
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