Staff Application

Name: zarlo
Age: 18
Location: the land down under (Australia)
Previous Experience?: I help run a small server
Why do you want to be staff?: to help the server grow as I like it more than the one I help run
What can you bring to the server as a staff member?: I can make plugins for the server if need and work in the website (note I will still do this even if I don't get staff)
Scenario 1: if I can I would /invsee the quiet player and see how far they are from the player who has been griefed if it looks like it was them, I would tell them the give the items back or get temp ban then for 5 min
Scenario 2: I would tell them if they can't sort it out between themselves I will burn the items
Scenario 3: tell Sanjar or/and Leire and send a video of it if I can
Scenario 4: go into gm3 and spy on them a bit the see if it looks like they are hacking


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