Towny Experience

Play with your friends, create a new town or join an existing one. All in a friendly enviroment!

Friendly Community

From the players, to our staff, you’ll feel welcome and at home on our server! Your happiness, is our priority!

Caring at Heart

We listen to player feedback, and care about our players and the server! If you need anything just ask

Epic Server Builds

Epic Server Builds

How are your building skills?


We have some fantastic builders on the server who deserve to be recognized! I’ve made it my goal to highlight some of the best builds on the server on this page. If you have a fantastic build or maybe you know someone who needs some recognition, feel free to pm me (a.k.a. void) or any other staff member and we’ll see if it’s epic enough to be featured on the page!


Hilltop Mansion by Morgan…


“Don’t let others hold you back, keep on building forward!” -morgan